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Ready Antibiotics

With the recent supply chain issues, inflation, shortages of necessities... Many have prepared emergency food, basic necessities, even generators. But what will you do when your child gets a middle ear infection? What if a family member gets strep throat or bronchitis or a sinus infection and medicine shortages? Are you prepared for your family with necessary medications?

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We are able to help you with that problem right now. Under one fee, we will include a virtual physician consultation, provide three full courses of Azithromycin (generic Zpak) antibiotics* (other options available soon), and include shipping for $95 – all inclusive. Please read our FAQ and “How It Works” pages to familiarize yourself with how we recommend using these with our medical advice prior to starting each course. To summarize, you will be getting an initial consultation with your medication, then up to three consultations will be included for when the medications are needed. Shipping is also included in the above price. It is difficult to overstate the value and importance of this service to you and your family when we are already seeing medicine and antibiotic shortages.

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We have been a successful family medicine practice for 20 years and still see patients six days per week including Saturdays. A person still answers every phone call. We are able to effectively and sensibly treat patients that have no insurance and very limited means to those that are well-insured, and be able to give excellent care that has been rewarded with patient loyalty in return, serving up to five generations of the same family, and have a large number of patients who have trusted us with their care for close tothe 20 years, and others who travel an hour or more to see us regularly.

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We are an established family practice clinic in Virginia that has seen patients six days a week for twenty years at the same location and still do so presently. Many of our patients have been with us for 15-20 years and we’ve seen up to five generations of the same family and see patients from over an hour away who travel to us regularly. Our physicians are all graduates of U.S. allopathic medical schools and trained in accredited U.S. internship and residency programs and are currently board certified in family practice.