We are a small father and daughter two physician family practice in rural Virginia.  We both attended and completed undergraduate/medical school/internship/residency/board certification all in the U.S. at fully accredited schools and training programs and both have multiple state licenses all in good standing and are both allopathic (MD degree) family practice physicians that are board certified by the American Board of Family Practice. 

We still see patients in person at our physical location six days a week including Saturdays.  As we are in a rural area and with the pandemic, by necessity we have adopted more telehealth in order to respond to the needs of our patients.  We have many that have been with us close to the 20 years we have served our community, including multiple generations of many families (in one case up to five generations).  We have an outstanding reputation in our community and at our clinic a person answers every phone call, and a person still calls every patient for appointment reminders (not automated).  The above applies to our patients being seen in-person.  Our front office staff at our physical office are not participating in our online product service.  

At our practice, being in a tobacco producing area, we have noted some patients that have bronchitis and respiratory infections not filling their medications in a timely manner that unfortunately have had complications, and so are mindful to provide trustworthy medications to be ready in these times when there are backorders, supply chain issues, shortages.  We strive to treat every patient according to standard of care, and so are providing this service and including our telehealth physician consults without an additional fee so that you have ready access not just to the medicines but appropriate professional healthcare advice at the time that you need it most urgently. 

During this respiratory illness season, we are also providing this service as a way to reduce complications from superimposed infections.  Bacterial bronchitis and upper respiratory infections superimposed on flu or covid infections can cause higher mortality and treating such infections without delay may be very important treatment.